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  Search Syntax Summary
Operator Action Example
"term1 term2 ..." Specifies that words should be adjacent "laser printer"
+term Requires a term +"laser printer" color
-term Excludes documents containing a term "laser printer" -color
Specifies that the term must be found in that field. See listing of fieldnames in the table below. title:"laser printer"
query1 | query2 Searches the results of query1 with query2, ranking results by relevance to both query1 and query2. dogs, cats | fleas
query1 || query2 Searches the results of query1 with query2, ranking results only by relevance to query2. trucks, cars || tires
Note: Lowercase terms match any case, otherwise case is matched exactly as typed.

Field Search Summary

Name Description Example
  If no field is specified, the text is searched for in the Title, Summary, and Body. color computer
link A hyperlink within the text of the document link:ultraseek.com
site Pages on a specified site site:cnet.com
url The URL of the document url:sales/west
title Title of the document title:"downhill skiing" title:Washington
Note: Please see the Special Searches page for details on field search.

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