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  Meta Tags
In the absence of other information, Ultraseek will index all the words in a document except for comments, and will use the first few words as a summary to describe your page in the search results.

You can use the HTML meta tag to specify the description text that will appear in a search results list and to control if and how your page is indexed by Ultraseek. The meta tags must be placed within the HEAD portion of your web page. Do not use any HTML tags within the meta tag itself.

Suppose your page contains:

<meta name="description" content="XSoft specializes in software products that help organizations improve how they create and use documents.">

<meta name="keywords" content="document management Xerox">
Ultraseek will do two things with these tags:
  1. It will index both fields as words, so a search on either XSoft or "document management" will match.

  2. It will show the "description" with the search results. Instead of showing the first few of lines of the page as the description, it would be listed as follows:
XSoft Home Page
XSoft specializes in software products that help organizations improve how they create and use documents.
Note that the description and keywords meta tags should not contain any HTML formatting information.

Defining Search Fields with HTML Meta Tags
You can define your own search fields with HTML meta tags. These fields can be searched using Ultraseek field syntax.

Suppose your page contains:

<meta name="author" content="Mark Twain">
Ultraseek will index this page so the that it can be found with any of the queries:
author:"Mark Twain"
author:"mark twain"

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